About Us

If you’re dreaming of a hot rod, custom, or motorcycle, Westbury Hot Rods has the skills and experience to bring your custom vision to life. We’ve had “tools in hand” making our living doing this every day for over 15 years, but we’ve never been content just bolting catalog stuff together and calling that a custom hot rod or motorcycle. We explore ideas with the customer until we have a solid feel for what the customer wants, then apply that understanding to every decision during the project build. Customers come to Westbury because they want to be blown away with the end results—and that’s what we try to give ’em every time.

Westbury Hot Rods has built a state of the art facility designed to be the ultimate place to create one of a kind hot rods and custom motorcycles, with separate rooms for machining, metal shaping, and assembly. Over the years Westbury’s has been the place to go for hot rod chassis, custom grilles, and award-winning cars and motorcycles. While you’re here, check out the cycle and hot rod galleries and see what we’re bragging about!