Summary Of Academic Background

What has some students will say they’ll tell if a nice story about themselves you don’t want to spend too much time on that story right this student has chosen to sort of put it all together and say yeah I it’s like a trumpet this is what I want to go to school because of my passion so then they go on to give more particulars so they’re showing a lot of details right theoretical computer science design and analysis so this is the first paragraph they’ve closed the reader by telling them I want to focus on this exactly in your program so we talked about paragraph 2 is interest and motivations segue you’re going to move into your background and show your interests and motivations so look at the first part of the first sentence of each of these paragraphs is like a mini thesis may it’s a main idea so the entire paragraph is going to be supporting your main idea. Find out how to compose that kind of paragraph at Robotdon.

So you even they use the term interest right into the motivation this is from Stanford’s SOP this is what the student does they basically follow the rules of the SOP and they use the word interest so automatically the the faculty can tell what this paragraph is I suggest using that similar language again this interest has only grown throughout my years in school and high school so they won’t talk too much about their their young years but they’re really they’re showing their passion right they’re showing where this came Cashen came from so having represented in India and international mathematical Olympiads on two occasions I have been exposed to elements of discrete mathematics and this goes into what they’ve done I guess before under breath so this is like their background their story they’ve also done intensive trade programs and they were put so they’ve mentioned the details that you might not even think about maybe you did something in high school that was really related to maybe if you’re again your major is design.

Maybe you built a bag or made a presentation that started me off and you’re a passion for that shit so you can use that even in passing as they have here get paragraph three summary of the academic background so they start again what’s the first sentence my exposure to computer science began after I entered about I’m guessing this university name so this is going to be above their exposure and you can see a lot of a lot of details about courses and domains computer science theoretical computer science the student the screen stretches data structures they’re using a lot of course names and domain names in here but they’re also tying it together they’re with their passion so let’s see so I have found the theoretical computer science most intellectually satisfying and stimulated and then they go on to list other courses have been my favorites so they’re not just saying I have taken ABC TV right and this year I took discrete structures and then the next year I put data structures and algorithms and then in the third year and I took theory of computation it’s really boring right so they’re kind of like boom boom boom boom like – all of these classes this was my favorite because because I find the problems in theoretical science particularly appealing because of the flavor of abstract mathematics that I love.