The Best About 65 Cadillac Part 1

Take Frank Stevens, for instance. The 37-year-old toyed with VWs in the ’80s (he’s still working on a radical notchback), had a ’69 Blazer on the cover of Off Road in the early ’90s, and built a smooth ’70 Chevelle that made the cover of Popular Hot Rodding in 2001. His latest project, this slammed ’65 Cadillac ‘vert, came about almost by chance.

“I wasn’t looking for another car,” Frank says. “I still owned my Chevelle. My friend Rick McClure and I were driving home from the Pomona Swap Meet when he mentioned that a mutual friend had an old Caddy for sale. The next day we went to look at it, and the next thing I knew, I bought it!”

The clean Cad already had a rebuilt 429ci engine and only minor wear on the paint and upholstery. Still, Frank wasn’t certain why he’d bought it. At the time he was working with well-known street machine builder Steve Strope at Pure Vision in Simi Valley, California, and the car just didn’t seem to fit in. “I actually took it back to the Pomona Swap Meet to try and sell it,” Frank admits. “A few weeks later I came across a set of 20-inch wheels and put them on. Now the car looked pretty cool, but it was stock height. So I cut two coils out of it–now it was really cool!”